From the “platformio” folder, click the file bar at the top and type in “cmd”. Press enter and this will open a command prompt in the current directory.

firmware examples

5 pin cable means the cable end connects to the mainboard is a 5 in 1 jack. This cable normally goes to the specific socket on a V4+ mainboard(as shown below). When we download the BL Touch firmware stock Android firmware, we need to pay attention to the firmware name and find the right one that matches your mainboard and BL Touch version. We recommend that you save both of them on the desktop to make them easier to find later on.

The reason is that the hot-end became so clogged and messy, to clean it was almost an impossible task. I suggested the replacement of the entire hot-end with a Micro Swiss Direct Extruder with All-metal Hot-End. The Ender 5 Pro BLtouch kit includes everything you need for the upgrade.

After the compiling process is complete, you will now simply connect your 3D printer with the computer using a USB connection if your printer has a bootloader. Once connected, select “Upload” (right next to “Verify”). The main difference between these two powerhouse firmware options is that RepRap’s compatibility isn’t nearly as expansive as Marlin’s. The former only works on 32-bit boards whereas Marlin can also be used on 8-bit boards.

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